There are many signs and symptoms of parasitic infection you need to be in search of, especially since parasitic infections are currently on the rise across the US.

If you’ve got signs and symptoms of parasites or locate yourself in a capability state of affairs where you could get them, make certain to invite your physician to check you for a possible parasite infection.

This testing is in particular important in case you’ve traveled to some developing or third world country, or you’ve come in contact with a person who has recently traveled to such region.

Here are 15 conditions or symptoms of parasitic infection you shouldn’t forget about.


The most well-known reason for epilepsy around the globe is from a pork tapeworm. This gatecrasher can attack your central nervous system. The tapeworm possesses your body’s tissue, in the end developing in your central nervous system, skin, muscles, and eyes. This attack can prompt neurocysticercosis, an extreme disease that causes seizures like epilepsy.


A liver fluke is a sort of parasitic worm. Liver fluke diseases aren’t that common in the US, however, they do occur. You can get a liver fluke from eating defiled, half-cooked freshwater fish. Numerous individuals have no indications of the condition or any side effects – at least for a while. Uncommonly, but possibly, liver flukes can cause bile, pipe disease, or liver stones.


Grown-up tapeworms can taint your small digestive tract. Ordinarily, you’ll have no manifestations or minor signs thought to be identified with stomach disturbs, this season’s virus, or other regular stomach issues like IBS. Eating meat that hasn’t been cooked completely can hold tapeworm eggs.


A small parasite by a similar name causes giardia. It’s a typical waterborne parasite in the US. Found in streams, lakes, and at times open pools or spas. It is infrequently communicated through food or individual to individual.

Manifestations of giardia include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Gas